What We Offer

We are proud to offer an all inclusive service. Each display we do is carefully co-ordinated the very moment you decide to use MLE for your special day.

Interest free payment plan

We are able to offer a completely flexible payment plan of your choosing. You can either decide to pay a set amount each month or ad hoc as you feel. You can even make payments of any amount 24/7 online. Our standard terms are 25% on booking, the balance a week prior to the show.

Liasion with venue and authorities

We ensure authorisation is granted and all necessary parties are informed in the interest of reassuring you and your chosen venue.

Display site survey

For new venues we will use aerial photographs and speak with the venue to establish a safe firing site and, where necessary, perform a site survey.

Risk assessment

Every show we fire will have been risk assessed in a manor advised by the HSE to ensure any concerns are addressed.

Insurance cover

We carry annual insurance with a limit of indemnity for public liability of £10 million and product liability of £10 million. We also carry employee cover for a limit of £10 million.

Planning of your show

Each show is planned by our design teams who have years of experience producing multi-award winning pyrotechnic displays.

Team to set up your display

Our show will include a fully trained and professional firing team. For safety reasons, it’s company policy to send out at least two firers by show.

Firing of your display

Our fireworks are waterproofed to help avoid cancellations due to anything other than a serious downpour or sudden severe change of wind direction.

Cleaning of the firing site

We always do our best to clear debris and are invited back to many venues not only because of our shows but also because we respect their grounds.

Free advice service

We offer free advice and a chat to anybody with an enquiry. Our offices are open during weekdays and we attempt to be contactable at any time, any day.

Fully inclusive service

Thanks to our nationwide network of firers, our prices include all transportation costs within mainland UK.


Please note, we offer a surprise service, if the site allows we will set up the show without anyone knowing. We have unmarked transport and unmarked safety clothing for these situations.

Other Services

We offer more than just fireworks, if you’d like lasers, lighting, flame projectors or driveway fountains we can help.

Call us on 01327 876 037 to discuss your requirements – our friendly staff are waiting for your call.

High Safety Standards

MLE use metal racking systems for firing shells – this is believed to be the safest method, however surprisingly many companies still use wood for the same purpose.  MLE did extensive safety testing of their racking systems and are proud to have been awarded several high profile contracts where safety was of upmost concern.

MLE’s team of professional pyrotechnicians

Every firer that works for MLE is trained throughout the year to ensure our high standard of safety and professionalism is maintained.

We are very strict about who works for the company and most of the firers come from requests to get involved in fireworks – a key indicator for a desire to work in the field of pyrotechnics.

All of our staff enjoy what they do and take a lot of pride in their work – MLE is very much a dynamic company at the forefront of the industry, we are proud of the people who work here and they enjoy being involved producing some of the very best displays in the UK.