About Us

MLE was born out of a love of fireworks and all of the team who work here feel like it’s more of a passion than a job.

In a relatively short time MLE has grown into one of the leading companies in the industry covering all areas of the business.

Although we do international displays in front of hundreds of thousands of people we’ve kept smaller, private shows for weddings and parties at our core.

It’s not just displays that we do – we also import fireworks from the worlds leading factories so that we can use the very best quality material in our shows.

We also organise large scale outdoor events from start to finish, and are the UK’s only manufacturer of digital firing systems for the firework industry. This technology, FireByWire, is used worldwide by not only MLE but other leading companies.


We are extremely proud of our previous completion history.

British Firework Champions 2011
Awarded 1st place in Aug 2011 – BBC article

  • 2nd place – 2011 Burgos International
    Fireworks Contest (Spain)
  • 2nd place – 2011 Logrono International
    Fireworks Contest (Spain)
  • 1st Place, Stanford Firework Champions 2007
  • 1st Place, Musical Firework Champions 2006
  • 2nd Place, Firework Champions 2005
  • 1st Place, British Firework Champions 2005
  • 2nd Place,  British Musical Firework Champions 2005
  • 17th International Fireworks Exhibition 2005
  • Best CAT4 professional firework supplier

Complete Service

Although our displays are coordinated from the midlands, we have firing teams across the UK which make almost all of our shows local and helps us to build strong relationships with literally hundreds of wedding venues around the country.  Whether your venue is new to us or not, we pride ourselves on quickly setting you and your venue at ease by making the necessary arrangements and exchanging documents efficiently and with no fuss.

We also supply other companies with our cutting edge digital firing systems and import fireworks from around the world.  We are able to provide this complete service becasue we have a thorough knowledge of our trade.  We take the same care in matching the right fireworks to shows fired from barges in big cities such as Hong Kong as we do over wedding displays in rural British hotels.

MLE are PROUD members of the FSB, BPA AND the EIG group of the CBI.


Previous clients include

DeVere ITV Morrisons